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Purified Water

To keep you and your property safe from harmful chemicals. Crystal Window Cleaning performs it’s services using purified water which will leave your windows clean for longer.

Water-Fed Pole Equipment

Our specialists can safely take care of those hard-to-reach areas of your home thanks to our Water-Fed Pole Equipment that can reach up to 5th floors.

Internal Window Cleaning

Interior window cleaning only applies to internal glass which doesn’t include frames. Glass cleaning is done with a soap applicator and then dried. High windows, skylights, and Velux windows are all simple to clean. We don’t not require water because we have specific glass cleaning tools that we can easily use to clean internal glass. As a result, this method is ideal for high glass, roof skylights, and office glass over the furniture and different types of flooring.

External Window Cleaning

Our external window cleaning with the most advanced techniques uses purified water for frames, doors, skylights, conservatories and Velux windows that are located on your roof.  For window cleaning, we have around 1000 gallons of pure filter water in our single van. And all we leave behind is a lovely gleam that adds a smile to our customers’ faces. Aside from that, we have a small water tank for the terraced residences that have no outside access.

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